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Re: Metastasis Chimera 0.14c

Postby wildride » Thu, 17Aug03 22:03

Not since 1.4, Ive had medical issues. I cant even look at Rags for 5 minutes without developing quite a sizeable headache, thats with the brightness/contrast down and with sunglasses on. Even Lagoon is a bit on the bright side for me, lucky I have an extension which allows me to alter the colour scheme to something dark, Rags simply doesnt have this its just glaring white.

Ive looked into other development tools in the interim, but this issue appears to be affecting my focus as well as I can barely follow a tutorial for Unity which seems simple enough.

Essentially showing most of the symptoms of MS but not diagnosed, and while I have seen a GP they have done some initial tests and then referred me to a neurologist.

difficulty walking (Im ok here though almost fall asleep when Im walking)
vision problems, such as blurred vision. (I get that and extreme eye pain in well lit rooms/screens including sunny days)
problems controlling the bladder (This is not affecting me yet)
numbness or tingling in different parts of the body
muscle stiffness and spasms
problems with balance and co-ordination
problems with thinking, learning and planning.

Frankly as a gamer these symptoms suck. As someone trying to develop a game its even worse.
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Re: Metastasis Chimera 0.14c

Postby caravaggio » Thu, 17Aug03 23:39

I'm sorry to hear that, man.

I hope you'll get better soon.
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